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Terms & Conditions for Assisstance

Terms & Conditions are specified for the request of assistance. Further Terms & Conditions may be required at a later date & time. To continue with an on-line emergency request form, you must read and agree to all terms listed below. If you agree with all Terms & Conditions, please acknowledge below and continue with your on-line emergency request for assistance.

Intent: I understand…

This form is solely for the purpose of requesting emergency assistance from the Soggy Donuts Fund & Executive Officers of the Soggy Donuts Fund

The Soggy Donuts Fund is a Non-for Profit Organization setup to provide disaster relief assistance to sworn officers & community servants

Qualification: I am…

A Police Officer who has experienced a natural disaster and is requesting help from the Soggy Donuts Fund

A Sworn Servant of the community – including, but not limited to: Fire Department, Police Department, Federal Agents

Authenticity: I understand…

That falsifying information to this charitable organization could result in a crime punishable by law

That all information sent through this form is kept on file for record purposes

That Soggy Donuts web servers collect data about me, my computer and internet service provider

That all information gathered can be used to track and pursue – to the full extent of the law – those who abuse the emergency request system

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